Skill Icon UI - Represents a UI

In an effort to modernize our way to interact with software, I design and develop tomorrow’s interfaces, giving the user a powerful and ergonomic UI.

Skill Icon Server - Represents a cloud

Every application has its needs when it comes to servers and databases, I can build fast & reliable software architectures that fits any context.

Skill Icon Metrics - Represents a bar chart

My goal is to make maintaining as easy as possible, through continuous development & integration, metrics, and much more.

Tech Stack

Amongst all the available environments, here are some that I have experience with.

Tech Icon - TypeScript
Tech Icon - PHP
Tech Icon - Ubuntu
Tech Icon - Vue
Tech Icon - NestJS
Tech Icon - Laravel
Tech Icon - MariaDB
Tech Icon - Nuxt
Tech Icon - React
Tech Icon - ElectronJS
Tech Icon - Java Spring
Tech Icon - Grafana
Tech Icon - MongoDB
Tech Icon - Angular
Tech Icon - Android
Tech Icon - Docker
Tech Icon - Gitlab